Piedmont (Castiglione Falletto), Italy

Located in the heart of the Langhe hills, at the top of the village of Castiglione Falletto, the Vietti wine cellar was founded in the late 1800's by Carlo Vietti. The estate has gradually grown over the course of time, and today the vineyard holdings include some of the most highly prized terroirs within the Barolo and Barbaresco winegrowing areas and Vietti is regarded as a benchmark for Piedmont wines. 

"To me, Vietti has always been a reference point. All these years later, well, the wines have frankly never been better. The last two years in particular, I have been blown away by the quality and consistency here. Bravi!" - Antonio Galloni, Dec/2022

Antonio Galloni's Winery of the Year 2022 

Top 100 Wineries - Wine & Spirits 2020, 2021, 2023


The history of the Vietti winery traces its roots back to the 19th Century. Only at the beginning of the 20th century, however, did the Vietti name become a winery offering its own wines in bottle. Patriarch Mario Vietti, starting from 1919 made the first Vietti wines, selling most of the production in Italy. His most significant achievement was to transform the family farm, engaged in many fields, into a grape-growing and wine-producing business.

The next turning point came in the 1950's when Luciana Vietti married winemaker and art connoisseur Alfredo Currado, whose intuitions - from the production of one of the first Barolo crus (1961 - Rocche di Castiglione), through the single-varietal vinification of Arneis (1967) to the invention of Artist Labels (1974) - made him both symbol and architect of some of the most significant revolutions of the time. The Vietti winery grew to one of the top-level producers in Piemonte and was one of the first wineries to export its products to the USA market.

Alfredo was one of the first to select and vinify grapes from single vineyards (such as Brunate, Rocche and Villero). This was a radical concept at the time, but today virtually every vintner making Barolo and Barbaresco wines offers “single vineyard” or “cru-designated” wines.

The intellectual, professional and prospective legacy of Alfredo Currado and Luciana was taken up first, during the 1980s, by their son-in-law Mario Cardero and then, starting from the 1990s, by their son Luca Currado Vietti, subsequently accompanies by his wife Elena. With their contributions - their respect for tradition and careful experimentation, committment and vision, culture and passion - the Vietti brand is universally recognized today as being one of the very finest Italian wine labels. 

In 2016 the winery was acquired by the Krause family, enabling Vietti to add a number of prized Barolo and Barbaresco crus to the estate’s holdings.  Additional vineyards in the Colli Tortonesi area were purchased for the production of Timorasso, which started with the 2019 vintage.

Luca stayed on as winemaker until 2023.