Verona, Italy

The TOMMASI wines tell the story of a family that believes in honest labour and love of the land; a family that lives in harmony and has made the attainment of excellence a moral imperative.

'TOMMASI Viticoltori' (Tommasi vintners) is a family viticultural firm founded in 1902 by Giacomo Tommasi. It is situated in Pedemonte, in the heart of the historic Valpolicella Classico region which extends to the northwest of Verona, Italy

From grandfather Giacomo's tiny vineyard, the Tommasi estate has grown steadily over the course of years and today extends over 135 hectares of hillside vineyard blessed by mother nature not only by a magnificent landscape, but more importantly by its perfect suitability for grapes.

The estate is run by the 4th generation of family operation, 6 members working together in complete harmony, each with his well defined area of responsibility; Giancarlo is the wine maker, Pierangelo is the marketing and export manager; Piergiorgio is the domestic market manager; Stefano is the regional market manager; Francesca and Erica handle all of the administrative matters.

"Tommasi winery oversees 242 hectares of vineyards, of which 115 fall within Valpolicella Classica, and yet for all of its size, the level of quality remains remarkably high. What’s more, the winemaking team, led by fourth-generation Giancarlo Tommasi, places the highest level of importance upon terroir, which they do an excellent job of communicating throughout the portfolio. In my opinion, the house Amarone remains a benchmark of traditionally styled wine from the region… …With all of [their] growth and development (let’s not forget that the family also has interests in Montalcino and the Maremma), one might worry that quality and consistency could suffer. However, from what I’ve seen, the future of Tommasi is in very capable hands." - Eric Guido, Vinous, Jan/2021