Lontue Valley, Chile

Terroso is a Chilean based brand by Korta Wines, under license from Welner Wines. Welner Wines has a rich history in locating the best vineyards and grapes from across the world to offer high quality and competitive pricing to its customers. The company is headed by Shimshon Welner, founding managing director of the acclaimed Yarden winery in the Golan Heights of Israel.

The vineyards which the Terroso grapes are sourced from, are located 280 km south of the Chilean capital of Santiago, in the Lontue Valley. The Lontue Valley is one of the cooler regions of Chile due to the close proximal influence of the Pacific Ocean. The vineyards are planted at an altitude of 600 meters (1,970 feet) above sea level to further protect the vineyards from the intense South American heat. Summer temperature fluctuations are vast, reaching daytime highs of 30 C° and dropping to a very cold 10 C° at night. This diurnal temperature variation allows the grapes to fully ripen in the intense Chilean sun, developing concentrated fruit characteristics, while retaining their crisp acidity from the cool evening temperatures. This daily fluctuation also extends the growing season of the grapes, allowing them to develop slower, creating a more balanced finished wine.

All grapes are subject to the Mevushal process prior to fermentation. Terroso wines are Mevushal, Kosher and Kosher for Passover. Terroso also adheres to the environmental standards of ISO 14000, aiming to have as little negative impact on the planet as possible.