Teperberg 1870

Samson, Israel

Founded in 1870, Teperberg 1870 is Israel's most -established, privately-owned winery. Teperberg 1870 Winery believes there is much more to winemaking than grapes, barrels and bottles. These important values constitute the essence of its winemaking approach:

Family and Tradition: The Teperberg 1870 Winery of today is based upon the family's accumulated knowledge of almost two centuries. The winery is therefore committed to preserve the traditional and familial attributes that make it unique.

Progress and Innovation: Taking advantage of the industry's most advanced technology and progressive storage techniques allow for better wine quality and distribution. Alongside its commitment to tradition, the Winery is focused on becoming Israel's leading winemaking business through its implementation of knowledge and advanced tools.

Wine as a Culture in Itself: As the Hebrew phrase, 'Wine fills man's heart with joy' the Winery sees wine as a means for bringing hearts together. Therefore, Teperberg 1870 maintains its mission to act as a pioneering force in Israel's wine culture, as it has been since 1870.