Tenuta Caseo (Tommasi)

Lombardy, Italy

Tenuta Caseo is the newest addition to the Tommasi Family Estates portfolio, and the families first venture in to the region of Lombardy. Located in the upper Valle Versa in the territory of Oltrepò Pavese, Tenuta Caseo focuses on two distinct varietals to produce their wines, Pinot Noir and Moscato. With such specification Tenuta Caseo is able to concentrate their efforts on quality, and allow the true expression of the grapes to marry harmoniously with the terroir of the Northern Italian region.

Originally the capital of the Lombards empire (the Germanic tribe that ruled Italy from 568-774), Pavia is steeped in ancient noble tradition, a perfect example of this is the winery building that dates back to the 13th century. The Tenuta Caseo estate covers a total of 120 hectares, 90 of which are planted vineyards, with the remaining 30 hectares divided between natural brush, forest land and a hunting reserve.

Tenua Caseo is unique for its south/south-western sun exposure and the composition of soil with high clay content and a good presence of active limestone. The vineyards are trained in both cordon and guyot systems, and are aimed at producing low yield, high quality fruit.  These characteristics allow the full potential of Pinot Noir and Moscato to shine in elegant, refined wines.