Poggio Al Tufo (Tommasi)

Tuscany, Italy

POGGIO al TUFO estate (POGGIO = hill ; TUFO = tuff / volcanic soil) is located in Pitigliano, a very important Etruscan city in the Maremma Toscana area (south of Tuscany), a few Km from Sovana, Sorano and Saturnia and about one hour north of Rome. It has been owned by the Tommasi family since 1997.

The estate, about 350 metres above sea level, is 66 ha of vineyards, and has volcanic origins - meaning they are very rich in 'tufo'. The mitigating influence of the Mediterranean (25 Km away) prevents drastic temperature variations and the vines flower and ripen early thanks to the stable, fairly warm microclimate with its extraordinary light during the final phases of ripening. After a very meticulous analysis of the soil and climate, the estate was replanted with selected clones of traditional and internat

A few years later, the project was further expanded with the acquisition of the Doganella Estate, 24 hectares fully dedicated to organic vine-coltivation, and the Scansano Estate, 80 hectares in the heart of the DOC Morellino zone.