Mauro Veglio

La Morra, Piedmont, Italy

Mauro and Daniela were farmers for many generations, like many other families in the Langhe, and in the past all the grapes produced were destined to be sold to negociants and the big co-ops in the area. This method gave us little satisfaction because importance was not given to the quality of the grapes, but rather the quantity and the lowest price possible.They took over the farm from their families and then in 1992, he began to drastically reduce the number of grapes per hectare and started to vinify on his own in his new cantina. Utilizing shorter macerations with temperature controlled rotary-fermenters and aging in small oak barrels, he started to produce, little by little, wines that were more elegant and less aggressive thanks to the reduced tannins even if the wines were more concentrated because of the higher quality grapes.

The farm now consists of approximately 12 hectares in the communes of La Morra and Monforte d'Alba and they produce about 60,000 bottles, half of which is Barolo DOCG. This size allows Mauro to keep a direct control on all production processes, in the vineyards as well as in cellar, maintaining high quality and making necessary investments in new technology and machinery.

Unlike the tendency of contemporary philosophy production which means the same as manipulating nature, we believe in natural systems of cultivation and vinification: Mauro rejects the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides in our vineyards. Any chemical process is refused in the winemaking as well as any artificial concentration or aromatization: this means that the quality of the wine is the result of the natural character of the vineyards, their soil composition and microclimatic differences determining the maturity of the individual vintages. The result is the authentic essence of the terroir in a glass, four different Crus of Barolo: Arborina, Rocche della'Annunziata and Gattera (located in La Morra), and Castelletto (located in Monforte d'Alba and belonging to Daniela's family).