Masseria Surani (Tommasi)

Puglia, Italy

Tommasi passion for wine and desire to discover and select the very best in Italian winemaking have taken them to Puglia. Around 80 hectares of land have been purchased in Manduria, in the Salento area, one of the finest zones for the cultivation of the Primitivo grape, where viticulture has extremely ancient origins, dating back to the time of Magna Graecia.

The property, which lies about 6 km from the Ionian coast, also includes a manor house called “Masseria” dating back to the early 1900s, a typical complex of agricultural buildings which originally acted as an organizational centre for all of the farming operations. After been refurbished the Masseria is today housing a winery of 700 sqm complete with vinification and maturation facilities.

MANDURIA is in the Salento wine region, which belongs to the city of Taranto. This part of Puglia was founded and colonized by the Ancient Greeks back in 700 B.C. Greek culture inspired the project of Masseria SURANI. The names of the wines are based on the Greek Gods:

Ares, God of the War
Arthemis, Goddess of the Moon
Helios, God of the Sun
Heracles Eroe, Son of Zeus
Dionysos, God of the Wine