Il Palazzone

Tuscany, Italy

Il Palazzone is a small, environmentally engaged producer of 500-1000 cases of Brunello di Montalcino annually. With vineyards in three areas of Montalcino, at different altitudes and exposures, the vineyard is able to bottle all the complimentary aspects of Montalcino terroir into its traditional style of Brunello. The wines spend four years in traditional large Slavonian oak barrels. In vintages of exceptional high quality a Riserva is produced which spends a further time ageing in wood.The property has been making wine since 1990 and is owned by Richard Parsons, a New Yorker and wine lover. He takes an enormous interest in the vineyard and is personally present at harvest time and all other key moments of the wines development.

 The estate has three separate vineyards in quite different areas of Montalcino. The microclimate and extraordinary variety of terroirs means that we are able, on blending the three vineyard harvests, to have three complementary aspects of Montalcino in our Brunello.

The Due Porte vineyard, our youngest vineyard, is 530 metres above sea level. The three small plots are northwest facing. Documents indicate that vineyards have been planted in this area since the 13th century; a clear indication of the suitability of the area for quality wine production. In fact, in spite of the altitude and the exposition, the grapes from the Due Porte are high in fruit and sugars and benefit from the excellent ventilation and day/night thermal excursion. The galestro or good clay gives good drainage.

The Vigna del Capa, located down below the hamlet of Castelnuovo dell’Abate, is quite different. Over 200 meters lower in altitude and south facing, the vineyards here are over thirty years old. The harvest is distinguished by lovely saline and aromatic components, thanks to the presence of marine fossils in the soil. The third vineyard, also over 30 years old, is also close to Castelnuovo dell’Abate, in an area with iron, magnesium and manganese in the soil. The grapes from this vineyard have an incredible mineral component.