Elias Mora

Valladolid, Spain

Founded in 2000, the Elias Mora winery was created by a youthful team destinated to follow a path which has led them to be among one of the best models of traditional winemaking in Spain. This could only be achieved through a deep knowledge of the native vines and the traditional wisdom of their ancestors. All of this has led to the production of well-balanced wines, which are, at the same time, elegant and complex with excellent retro nasal qualities. Our wines have all of the components and the potential to age well.

Situated between the Duero and Hornija rivers, our existing vineyards originally belonged to a man named Elias Mora and hence the name of the wine. The soil is comprised of large pebbles over a bed of Pliocene limestone, which is low in organic content. The extreme continental climate compounded with the scarcity of rainfall (400 mm) improves the quality of the Tinta de Toro grape. It is ideally suited for this terrain and boasts hundreds of years of viniculture.

We strive to marry the past with the present, in that we combine all knowledge of previous generations with the best parts of modern technology and all that it implies. To sum it up, our philosophy could be well described as: the winery at the heart of the vineyard and barrels at the heart of the wine. In practice, we see that every aspect of vinification - from vine to bottle - combines with each individual vintage. This is how we monitor and maintain superior quality year in and year out.