Domaine Les Monts Fournois

Champagne, France

Domaine Les Monts Fournois is a new champagne estate located in the north part of the Montagne de Reims, initiated by Juliette Alips of the Bérêche family. This new chapter in Champagne weaves together the heritage of the Bérêche family - Juliette along with her cousins Raphaël & Vincent Bérêche -  through a fabric of great historical terroirs and vintages. 

Born in Champagne in a grower’s family, Juliette Alips rapidly found her passion. With the mentorship of her close cousins, Raphaël and Vincent Bérêche, she discovered and learned all the ins and outs of producing champagne, from farming, to vinification, tasting and blending. A graduate of enology school in Beaune in 2020, Juliette already has a few vintages under her belt with acclaimed producers like Louis Latour in Bourgogne, G.D. Vajra in Piedmont, and closer to home, Louis Roederer Champagne where she spent more than a year learning from this iconic Maison.

Now, with the help of her two cousinsshe is starting this new adventure with Domaine Les Monts Fournois. Located in the north part of the Montagne de Reims, in the sub-area called La Grande Montagne, the Premier Cru Les Monts Fournois will be the focus of the Domaine.

The inaugural release of the Domaine Les Monts Fournois Monopole will be the 2022 vintage, available in 2027. In the meantime, the Domaine is offering a very small selection of vintage Premier Cru and Grand Cru Champagnes, sourced from the Bérêche family's network of growers who cultivate renowned vineyards across the Côte des Blancs, the Montagne de Reims, and the Vallée de la Marne.