Montalcino, Italy

Cerbaia ia a boutique winery dedicated to producing wines from some of the finest vineyards in Montalcino. Its Brunello is the true expression of a unique and distinctive place.

In 1978, inspired by his passion for viticulture, agronomist Fabio Pellegrini converted his family farm in Montalcino to vine. Even if fully committed to a political career in international relations, he had the ability to see the potential of his land in producing wines of great finesse and complexity.

The Cerbaia estate, with its 12 hectars of land, 4,5 of which under the Brunello appellation, is nestled on a slope in the Montosoli hill, one of the most favourable terroirs for Sangiovese in Montalcino. Its beautiful, mature vines, located on a rolling northeast-facing hillside, produces a selected and limited quantity of the highest quality grapes.

In 2014, moved by the passion for wine and the love for her native land, Elena, Fabio’s daughter, gave up a promising career in corporate finance to devoting herself to her family estate.

Her efforts are aimed to craft elegant, perfectly balanced wines of traditional style, with patience, tenacity and a singular focus on uncompromising standards. She is also carrying on her father conviction about making wine with minimal intervention, committing to sustainable practices in her vineyards and products.

Today, Cerbaia produces 18.000 bottles of Brunello a year, encompassing the incredibly unique combination of a highly vocated land, a traditional winemaking philosophy and the energy of a young winemaker. From the estate vineyards emerge wines which truly represent Montalcino’s authentic terroir.