Casisano (Tommasi)

Tuscany, Italy

The Tommasi family’s history in the wine industry traces back over 100 years, when Giacomo Battista Tommasi first bought a small vineyard in the Valpolicella Classica region. Through four generations the family has approached the wine trade with a dynamic eye, constantly looking to innovate and create, while respecting both the tradition and history the land has to offer. This path of innovation has brought the family to its most recent acquisition (2015), Podere Casisano, a land steeped in tradition and perfectly suited to the fine wines of Montalcino.

Podere Casisano is a splendid natural terrace overlooking the southern area of Montalcino, Tuscany, in the province of Siena. The estate is next to St. Antimo Abbey and totals 53 hectares; 22 of which are vineyards, 8 are planted with olive trees and the remainder covered with century old forests. As a project dedicated to highlight the prestigious Montalcino denominations, Podere Casisano represents the perfect union between the tradition steeped terroirs of Tuscany and the winemaking experience of the Tommasi Family.

The winery, which was known as Casisano-Colombaio under its previous ownership, has for years produced a very traditional style of Brunello, with a long aging in large Slavonian oak casks - a classic style of winemaking favored by the Tommasi family and their roots in Valpolicella. The Slavonian oak cask aging period allows the Brunello to achieve balance and elegance, smoothing out the wine, reducing its acidity, and giving it greater depth and complexity. The family retained the original winemaking team after acquisition of the estate, now under the guidance of head winemaker Giancarlo Tommasi, and is set to take the wines to even greater heights.

Podere Casisano stands among the silent hills of Tuscany, surrounded by noble vineyards and majestic olive trees. Casisano wines are the result of 100 years of passion, experience and love for the superb Montalcino lands.