Piedmont, Italy

The story of our firm is directly intertwined with the figure of its founder, Giovan Battista Burlotto, who, thanks to his work ethic and unswerving insistence, became recognized as one of the well-known personalities, not only in the Verduno area, but throughout Barolo's productive area. He is known as one of the authentic proponents and founding fathers of this noble Albese wine.

The G.B. Burlotto Winery has remained a family-run business where all phases, from growing grapes, to production and sales (the diversified production is 60,000 bottles), are now taken care of by the owner, Marina Burlotto, the Commendator's great-niece, her husband, Giuseppe Alessandria who is responsible for the vineyards and their son, Fabio, who, having acquired a degree in oenology and viticulture, introduced several modern techniques: solutions which enhance the best of old traditions and family history.

Aware and proud of such an important tradition strongly rooted in the story of Barolo and the wines of the Langhe, they operate today with methodologies, which follow the modern technologies that govern agro economics and oenology. They respect the guiding spirit and intuitions which inspired the work of "il Commendatore" as much as possible. They offer wines today that reflect and exalt the peculiar terrain of the Verduno area, which has always produced wines of great balance and elegance; extremely pleasing when consumed young, yet capable, especially for the Barolo wines, and Monvigliero cru in particular, of evolving harmoniously and acquiring refined intrinsic nuances with age.


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