Azienda Vitivinicola Conterno Giacomo

Giacomo Conterno is an Italian wine producer from the Piemonte region in the district of Langhe. From a winery located in Monforte d'Alba, the Barolo and Barbera wines are made by traditionalist methods and are widely considered among the finest produced in the Barolo zone.

The ultimate and purest expression of Barolo can be found in bottles bearing the Giacomo Conterno name. In fact, they represent the ideal of traditional Barolo: rich, powerful, massively structured, and capable of long aging in bottle.

"One of the privileges of this job is having the opportunity to visit leading estates all over the world. It’s something that affords a great deal of perspective. The Giacomo Conterno winery was already quite established when Roberto Conterno took over following his father’s death in 2004. Since then, Conterno has not only elevated the family winery to the top in Italy, he has placed it firmly among the greatest estates anywhere in the world." - Antonio Galloni, Sep/2022