Andrea Felici

Marche, Italy

Between Apiro and Cupramontana, right at the heart of the lands of Verdicchio, Andrea Felici has been devoting the utmost care to their vines for generations. They strive to make true wines, telling the story of their wonderful land, passion, and determination. Critics praise Andrea Felici and their wines are included in the wine-list of several important restaurants.

Verdicchio only gives its best in the Marche region, between the Adriatic sea and the Apennine mountains, in sometimes narrow, sometimes softly sloped valleys, always swept by a gentle breeze, sometimes at considerable altitudes characterized by wide temperature ranges.

The territory of Apiro ensures its best expression: located on a hill at the feet of Mount San Vicino (m 1479), at an altitude of 516 m above sea level, it has just more than 1500 inhabitants. The landscape is wonderful, a green valley with tilted slopes, covered with beautiful woods and vines, marked by the high peaks of Gran Sasso and Maiella that stand out towards the horizon, in the south, and towards the top of Mount Catria, in the north.

Leopardo Felici has a great hand with the Verdicchio grape, producing two of the Marches best white wines. Clearly, the vineyard location in the cool-climate, hilly area between Apiro and Cupramontana is a big help, as the wines have high natural acidity, a strong mineral overlay and wonderful clarity. But strong viticultural and winemaking skills also play a role. Felici is one of the few producers of vino biologici in Italy talented enough to avoid making wines with off-putting aromas, and his decision not to use oak (only stainless steel and cement vats are used) also contributes to the precision of the wines. Andrea Felici is a name to watch in Italian wine circles. - Vinous, July 2015.