Vinos Valtuille

Bierzo, Spain

Situated in the north-west province of Leon, El Bierzo covers 18% of the province. Geographically, it borders the provinces of Orense, Lugo and Oviedo. It is an area of transition between Galicia, Leon and Asturias. The torturous terrain and being surrounded by mountains makes El Bierzo a very peculiar microclimate.

Vinos Valtuille is a small family winery. Marcos Garcia Alba one of the growers and winemakers of the latest generation from El Bierzo, who took the challenge in early 2000 of making quality wine and making a big investment in the facilities and technical resources. Meticulously self-taught person, he takes care of the vineyard as always has been done in Valtuille de Abajo where he has its centenary wines. The 11 hectares planted by his grandfather are enough for his aspirations. He has several plots spread out Valtuille de Abajo. The makes wines only from its own grapes and he defends the idea of small winery as a means of product quality. Marcos is in charge of the vines and the winemaking. Raul Perez, the famous winemaker, has been advising Marco on the winemaking. They have been neighbours all their lives in Valtuille de Abajo where they have grown up together.