Sicily, Italy

Located in the heart of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea lies the Island of Sicily and the home of Stemmari wines. The South Italian island is bathed in the intense sunlight of the day, but receives cool dry winds ideal for the production of rich, full bodied wines with distinctive fragrances and aromas. The name Stemmari comes from the phonetic root “stemma”, meaning “coat of arms”, and refers to the coat of arms that still hangs in the main entrance today, a left behind relic of 17th century nobility. Stemmari wines are an exciting window into the unique and authentic flavours of Sicily, a one of a kind place.

Stemmari cultivate their own vineyards along the ventilated Southern coast of Sicily, on the two estates of Sambuca di Sicilia (Agrigento) and Acate (Ragusa). Native and international wine grapes are cared for and controlled by highly knowledgeable expert agronomists, with over seven hundred hectares of healthy wine growing. The combination of the intense Sicilian sun and the cooling winds of the Mediterranean offer wines with rich, intense flavor, yet soft approachable tannins.

The winery was built with great respect to the surrounding natural environment, using geothermal practices to reduce energy use, man-made lakes to collect rainwater for irrigation, and solar panels to allow the winery to be two-thirds energy self-sufficient. In combination with the respect for the surrounding lands, Stemmari winery also pays homage to the traditions of the island of Sicily, constructing the building in classic Sicilian style, with a courtyard known as a “baglio”. Stemmari wines are the product of a perfect harmony of modern eco-friendly viticulture, and the unique and traditional flavours of Sicily.  


VALUE BRAND OF THE YEAR 2005~ Wine & Spirits Magazine