Nicolas Maillart

Champagne, France

The Maillart family association with vine-growing can be traced back to 1753, when our ancestors grew vines in the neighbouring village of Chamery; although there is a document that suggests the tradition goes back even further, referring to a "measure of vines" in 1533 that was mapped out by Pierre Maillart, a sworn surveyor working in Chamery for Saint Nicaise abbey.

It is now the turn of the ninth generation to take the reins, in the form of Nicolas, who returned in 2003 after completing his studies in engineering and oenology. He is thus perpetuating an almost three hundred year-old tradition and maintains our house philosophy of bringing out the full potential of the Champagne terroirs in our wines.

Since 2009, Nicolas Maillart has committed themselves to a little more respect for the environment by building 130 square meters of photovoltaic panels, which represent a production equivalent to 90% of their consumption. Their carbon footprint is greatly reduced.

They only have vines in the Premier and Grand Cru villages of the Montagne de Reims. Having long since settled in the area and become wholly familiar with the vineyards, their ancestors were able to keep and select the best terroirs. Added to which, our vines are well-established, mostly planted halfway up the hillside and ideally located for producing excellent quality wines.