Bodegas Palacio

Rioja, Spain

Founded in 1894, Bodegas Palacio has more than 120 years of experience as a leading winemaker of Rioja and today is known as one of the region's finest. Combining both tradition and innovation, Bodegas Palacio has contemporized Rioja, while cementing itself into the history of the region. Evidence of this can be seen with the introduction of “Cosme Palacio” in the 1980’s, considered one of the first “Nuevos Riojas”, or their induction into the “Bodegas Historicas de la D.O.C.a Rioja”, confirming their legacy as one of Rioja’s original producers.

The winery is located in the heart of the Rioja Alavesa, at the bottom of the road leading up to Laguardia, a spectacular fortified hilltop village set against the backdrop of the Sierra Cantabria. The original winery, built over 100 years ago, still stands today, but has since been converted into a French Chateau style hotel. The modern-day winery now sits next door to the century old original, complete with state of the art wine-making equipment and Rioja’s largest oak barrel park with more than 12,000 barrels. It is also worth mentioning that the majority of these barrels are French oak, counterintuitive to Rioja’s tradition of American oak barrels, thanks to a period of consulting in the 1980’s from world-renowned Bordeaux oenologist Michel Rolland.

Despite the top of the line winemaking facility, the treasure at Bodegas Palacio is in the vines. Protected by the imposing rocks of the Sierra Cantabrian Mountains, the tempranillo and viura vines find their ideal conditions: high altitude, chalky-clay soils, south facing, a unique microclimate with Mediterranean and Atlantic influences. What sets Bodegas Palacio apart in addition to the 170 hectares of vines under cultivation, are the long-term relationships they have formed with the other growers of the region, allowing them to select the best grapes vintage after vintage.

With pioneering decisions like an exhaustive grape selection process, the separate vinification of each parcel of vines, ageing in the finest new French oak barrels and long maceration periods, the wines are a unique example of harmony, balance and expressivity.